Jeffrey Kroonstuiver, a UX Designer with a passion for experiences that are fun and inspire

Headshot of Jeffrey Kroonstuiver. He has short dark blonde hair, green-gray eyes, glasses, and a slim figure. He's smiling and looking straight into the camera with a white background and a burgundy colored shirt.


I'm Jeffrey Kroonstuiver, a UX Designer living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It’s my mission to help others achieve their goals in life and health. I love working on UX Strategy and Research, a bit less on Visuals. I have Front-end Development skills, a bit of a technical IT background, and an entrepreneurial mindset. I’m a big fan of Agile Scrum and I don’t mind being or guiding the Product Owner.

I'm a total geek and I can't help myself from getting to the bottom of things. I'm addicted to solving complex puzzles. I'm very ambitious about constantly improving myself and helping others grow. I get up at 5 every morning and exercise 5 times a week, doing calisthenics, cycling, or rowing before my daughter wakes up. I’m great at connecting with people and I understand how to learn about complex problems quickly. I also try to read as many books as possible. You probably only met a few people who are as patient as I am, especially when it comes to listening or explaining things.

My bag with Post-Its, markers, dot-vote stickers, masking tape, iPad, and laptop goes everywhere I go. I’ve worked with the Adobe Suite, Axure and Figma. I can also use HTML, CSS, JavaScript to rapidly create prototypes to discover, test and validate concepts with Sass, Bootstrap and Vue.js.


I organise and facilitate workshops to align stakeholders and come up with strategies for complex problems. When I’m a part of a Scrum Team, I often design and execute experiments (often using prototypes) to validate strategies, determine value, and evolve roadmaps.

I’ve taught, coordinated & developed Design, Research and Front-end Development courses. I’ve been a study career counsellor and supervised student projects. I’ve occasionally organised extracurricular activities for students to help them develop planning- or JavaScript skills.

I’ve worked on digital products for start-ups mainly focused on e-Health. I’ve facilitated Design Thinking sessions, researched target audiences, designed interactions, visualised interfaces and more. By the end of 2013 I started teaching 2 days a week, which eventually evolved into a part-time position as a teacher at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.