Jeffrey Kroonstuiver, a UX Specialist with a passion for experiences that are fun and inspire

Headshot of Jeffrey Kroonstuiver. He has short dark blonde hair, green-gray eyes, glasses, and a slim figure. He's smiling and looking straight into the camera with a white background and a burgundy colored shirt.


I'm Jeffrey Kroonstuiver, a UX Specialist living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It’s my mission to help others achieve their goals in life and health. I love working on UX Strategy and Research, a bit less on Visuals. I have Front-end Development skills, a bit of a technical IT background, and an entrepreneurial mindset. I’m a big fan of Agile Scrum and I love coaching a team towards valuable outcomes.

I'm a total geek and I can't help myself from getting to the bottom of things. I'm addicted to solving complex puzzles. I'm very ambitious about constantly improving myself and helping others grow. I get up at 5 every morning and exercise about 4 times a week, doing calisthenics, cycling, or rowing before my daughter wakes up. I’m great at connecting with people and I understand how to learn about complex problems quickly. I also try to read as many books as possible. You probably only met a few people who are as patient as I am, especially when it comes to listening or explaining things.

My bag with Post-Its, markers, dot-vote stickers, masking tape, iPad, and laptop goes everywhere I go. I’ve worked with the Adobe Suite, Axure and Figma. I can also use HTML, CSS, JavaScript to rapidly create prototypes to discover, test and validate concepts with Sass, Bootstrap and Vue.js.


Supported teams with Scrum and the implementation of UX within the Scrum framework. Actively promoted Lean UX and an experimental culture. Implemented Hotjar, CSAT measurements and guided process changes to utilize data to make more valuable decisions. Promoted outcomes over output. Continued the development of the Mediq Design System to upscale UX resources. Iteratively worked on 7 products for different markets within Europe.

I’ve organised and facilitated workshops to align stakeholders and came up with strategies for complex problems. When I was a part of a Scrum Team, I often designed and executed experiments (often using prototypes) to validate strategies, determine value, and evolve roadmaps.

I’ve taught, coordinated & developed Design, Research and Front-end Development courses. I’ve been a study career counsellor and supervised student projects. I’ve occasionally organised extracurricular activities for students to help them develop planning- or JavaScript skills.

I’ve worked on digital products for start-ups mainly focused on e-Health. I’ve facilitated Design Thinking sessions, researched target audiences, designed interactions, visualised interfaces and more. By the end of 2013 I started teaching 2 days a week, which eventually evolved into a part-time position as a teacher at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.