A white outline of a lightbulb is the logo of Elektricity.


Learning electronics comes with a relatively steep learning curve. Elektricity provides a way to get into electronics by providing feedback about the actions without ever breaking a thing.

The goal of Elektricity is to provide high school students with a game to learn about building electrical circuits in a safe and cost-effective way. The game allows students to experiment, make mistakes and learn, without any concerns.

Elektricity is just a concept.

A puzzle interface with dots in the center, which can be used to place objects like lights and wire.
The Deming circle used to visualise a learning process for Elektricity.
The different aspects to learning about electronics visualised using the Deming circle.

Safe & Cheap Experimentation

When a student learns to work with electronics through experimentation, things can easily break. By providing a safe solution to enable experimentation with electronics, both these disadvantages are circumvented and allow for optimal learning. Players are still able to experience the result of their actions, while not being exposed to potentially harmful outcomes. 

By designing the concept based on the learning process, each aspect of the game is aligned with the learning goals. By making progress throughout the game, the player should acquire knowledge and skills usable in the real world.